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An ERC-20 token on Base, was created overnight on February 2, 2024. It started out as an experiment to test the limits of the frame feature on Farcaster, but turned into something much more. Frame was the first ERC-20 token to be minted/airdropped through a Frame on Warpcast! Find the original cast here.

$FRAME will be used to offer grants, bounties, and rewards to builders and creators in the Farcaster ecosystem, especially those who build with Frames!

For more information, follow our channel on Farcaster, /frame-token

$FRAME token is not officially associated with Warpcast, Farcaster or Base.

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• Grants for innovative Frames on Farcaster

• Bounties for developers/creators

• Rewards for providing liquidity

• $FRAME in-frame currency

• Basic ERC-20 spec for building on-top

• Governance for Frame building (Coming Soon)

• Public Use Frames for Farcaster (Coming Soon)


Team: 5% - View Wallet
Grants: 5% - View Wallet
Liquidity/Incentives: 10%
Airdrop: 80%